Welfare Policy

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The United States has a wide range of public policies designed to help support needy and impoverished Americans. These policies include Food Stamps, TANF, and even policies such as Minimum Wage.




Fiscal Policy


Fiscal Policy areas such as taxes affect every single U.S. citizen and have enormous effects on the economy. We look into past, current, and even future policies that could affect our country.




Trade Policy


Globalism vs. protectionism, which is best for the U.S.? Many have their opinion, but we examine this area with a free market perspective in mind.



Drug Policy


The War on Drugs has had very little success in the U.S. The levels of drug abuse and overdosing are skyrocketing, thanks to the Opioid Epidemic. Should the government go a different route?





The cost of drugs and medical care are higher than ever. Policies like Obamacare have tried to fix the problem, but always seem to go at it the wrong way. What role should government play in this sector?





Overly regulated markets and endless red tape cause all sorts of problems in the economy, for both individuals and businesses. How much regulation is actually necessary, if any?






Certain individuals in U.S. and world history have had very large impacts on U.S. public policy. Which examples should we follow?