Could the U.S. Implement Mandatory Military Service? Part II

In our previous piece, which touches on the possibility of military conscription in the U.S., I discussed the implementation of this policy as well as the philosophical flaws with it. However, the previous installation only scratched the surface of the issues with this policy. This article will address the effect of conscription on U.S. foreign policy and the issues related to the qualifications of those enlisted involuntarily.

By Valugi - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Government Spending Crisis: Part I

Over the course of many years, U.S. citizens have sat idly by and watched as the US government tries to spend its way out of an increasing portion of our nation’s problems. As our spending increases along with our national debt, we will eventually have to bring ourselves to ask the same two questions that we all ask ourselves when we find we’ve made a mistake: What went wrong and how do we fix it?

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Want To Secure The Border? Legalize Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana by some states certainly has had an effect in the United States, especially when it comes to its medicinal use. Federal legalization of the drug could increase those positive effects as well. While the medical benefits of marijuana legalization are a strong argument, we believe there is an even better but rarely used argument in favor of its legalization. Marijuana legalization would increase border security and limit the power of the Mexican drug cartels.